Break? Please?

Finals are over and I’ve just finished the first of a 3 week “break”. I’ve got two rooms of my house cleaned and reorganized, and I WANT to get started on the rest of the house, but I keep thinking, “Man, I need a REAL break.”

I know it’s not gonna happen. I’m a mom to three kids, one of whom is transitioning to his own bed, and it’s rough some nights. My mom’s love has suffered a heart attack and is currently in the hospital. I’m stressed for both of them. My school doesn’t even know if or for how long it will remain open. Stress. My husband and I are trying to reorganize our finances so the last and first weeks of the months don’t practically kill us. Stress.

I think the stress of school is easier.

There is an online cartoonist who goes by The Oatmeal. If you haven’t read his stuff yet, (and you aren’t offended by bad language) I’d encourage you to check it out. He’s pretty freaking hilarious. But his latest one has to do with happiness, and how he’s never been happy. He then goes on to describe what I would call basic happiness. He has things that drive him, and things to do with his life. After reading that, I sit and think about the things that drive me: my children, my love for my husband, my drive to become a nurse, and my drive to be a good mom and wife. Then I sit back and think about how much I’m blessed, and how can I complain?

So when all of this piles up, I think it’s important to remember to stop and count my blessings. I know people hear about this exercise and start rolling their eyes. However, there are days it seems that my blessings are the only reason I keep striving to better myself.

Working toward goals is fantastic, and I’d encourage everyone to do just that. Make a list of things you want to achieve and work hard on achieving them. But don’t forget to list your blessings and enjoy what you have and what drives you, because that’s what makes you who you are as a person, and allows you to strive toward what’s most important in your life.


Finals Week!!

It’s finals week and I’ve already taken my Anatomy and Physiology II final. Thank heavens!! This is my third time taking A&P and I HATE it. I felt like throwing a party when it was over.

That means I only have to give my English project presentation (blech!) and take my tests for Nursing Roles, Medical Terminology, and Dosage Calculations. Sigh. I hate finals week. Of course, I’m really grateful that my particular school doesn’t weight finals quite as heavily as other schools do.

So the pressure is on. It makes my brain tired.

I think that’s the hardest part about going back to school so far. It’s that my mind is filled with so many things that it doesn’t have the energy for the things I normally love to do.

Thanks for being patient with me everyone. I’m hoping in the next few weeks I’ll have more to say. But until then my mind is filled with things like: BF=D/H x V, ADPIE, and the gigantic list of medical terminology words, and how to figure out the IV drip, and how to figure out the children’s dose based on adult dosage, and when did the Nurse Practice Act of Indiana say what my job entails again? Oh yeah, and I can’t forget how I want to frame that English presentation; how many slides do I need for the power point again…….?

Have a great week everyone!


The hardest thing…I think

I think that anyone who is a parent can come up with 1,001 things that make the role of “Parent” hard: the sleepless nights, the tough questions, the fact that the. floor. is. always. sticky.

But the hardest thing, I think, is when it comes to raising children that will be a benefit to society. Who will be productive, empathetic, successful adults. How do you know when and if you’re doing it right?

Any parent who’s ever been on the internet since even contemplating having a child can attest to the fact that there are more opinions out there on raising kids than there are actual kids. Should you spank? Time out? Breastfeed? Bottle feed? Let the baby cry them self to sleep every night? Never let the kid out of your arms until they’re 30 and want to get married?

Everyone on the internet has an opinion. They’ve all read “this one awesome” book, that has “proof” that if you let your kid cry once before they’re 60 then they’ll be a neurotic mess the rest of their life, or that if you hold your kid once they come out of the womb, you’ll have spoiled little brat that everyone hates. And everyone knows “that one kid/parent who…”

So we all do the best we can. We talk about “listening to our instincts” and “doing what’s best for our family”. But since none of us have a magic crystal ball to see into the future, how do we know who’s right? Are we all right? Is what I do, as a mostly attachment parent, going to raise an adult who’s as well adjusted as your mainstream parenting ways? How about vice versa? What if we’re both wrong?

I talk to my husband a lot about what we’re doing as parents. If we’re doing the right thing. Sometimes we decide we have things we need to work on in the parenting department. Sometimes, we give ourselves a pat on the back, and roll with it. (Which one happens usually depends on what kind of day our kids are having, and whether or not we’ve gotten enough sleep that night.) I often wonder if what we’re doing is the right thing. Cuz the responsibility to raise that mature, responsible, well adjusted adult is, well, kinda humongous.

But since I don’t have that crystal ball, I’ll just have to “listen to my instincts” and “do what’s best for our family” and pray to God that how we’re going about this is the “right” way.


Syllabi and World of Warcraft

My particular school has terrible syllabi. They’re made by the state instead of the teacher, and confusing as hell. So last week I was killing myself and up until all hours of the night trying to make sure I was getting all my homework done. As it turns out, I was killing myself for no reason. I officially got 2 weeks ahead in English, and 1 week ahead in Nursing Roles. Being irritated at wasting my time and precious sleep, (Come on I’m a mom! Every hour of sleep is precious!) I couldn’t console myself with the realization that I’d have some free time on my hands not only this week, but over the next several weeks as well, now that I know  I don’t have that “kill me” amount of homework every week. Until I remembered:

Duh. I’m a gamer. Before my first son was born I played World of Warcraft with my husband. It was a blast. We had to quit when the kids were little, but since they’re older now there’s very little stopping me. So now if you’re on Cho’Gall and you see a Night Elf Druid named Trealieph wandering around lower levels stop and say hi. I promise I won’t kill you. (Yet…)

Are any of ya’ll gamers? What are your favorites?


So now Mum’s the Nurse (Student)

So I guess these things usually start with an “About me” type of post right?

I’m a nursing student at a local technical college. At the time of writing this I’m in my second quarter (Anatomy and Physiology 2, English Composition 1, and Nursing Roles/Medical Terminology and Dosage Calculations for anyone who happens to care.)

I am also a mom to three amazing children. They are 6, 4, and 21 months old. (That’s one year and 9 months, for those who dislike math.) I also have a dog, a cat, and two recently acquired guinea pigs.

I wanted to chronicle my journey from becoming a SAHM to becoming a nurse and I thought “Hey! Why not add another task to my already full workload, and start a blog!” I know, I know. I deserve what I get with this one. However, if it helps me keep my sanity, and if it helps any other Mommies along this difficult journey toward one of the world’s most infuriating and rewarding professions then so be it.

I’m hoping to share my joys, laughs, frustrations, and triumphs with anyone who cares to read. I’m also hoping that others will join me along the way.

So, in Levar Burton style: Come along with me! (And if you’re too young to get that reference, your homework is to get to Netflix and watch at least three episodes of Reading Rainbow. You’ll only get an A if you love it like I did.)