Finals Week!!

It’s finals week and I’ve already taken my Anatomy and Physiology II final. Thank heavens!! This is my third time taking A&P and I HATE it. I felt like throwing a party when it was over.

That means I only have to give my English project presentation (blech!) and take my tests for Nursing Roles, Medical Terminology, and Dosage Calculations. Sigh. I hate finals week. Of course, I’m really grateful that my particular school doesn’t weight finals quite as heavily as other schools do.

So the pressure is on. It makes my brain tired.

I think that’s the hardest part about going back to school so far. It’s that my mind is filled with so many things that it doesn’t have the energy for the things I normally love to do.

Thanks for being patient with me everyone. I’m hoping in the next few weeks I’ll have more to say. But until then my mind is filled with things like: BF=D/H x V, ADPIE, and the gigantic list of medical terminology words, and how to figure out the IV drip, and how to figure out the children’s dose based on adult dosage, and when did the Nurse Practice Act of Indiana say what my job entails again? Oh yeah, and I can’t forget how I want to frame that English presentation; how many slides do I need for the power point again…….?

Have a great week everyone!



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