Syllabi and World of Warcraft

My particular school has terrible syllabi. They’re made by the state instead of the teacher, and confusing as hell. So last week I was killing myself and up until all hours of the night trying to make sure I was getting all my homework done. As it turns out, I was killing myself for no reason. I officially got 2 weeks ahead in English, and 1 week ahead in Nursing Roles. Being irritated at wasting my time and precious sleep, (Come on I’m a mom! Every hour of sleep is precious!) I couldn’t console myself with the realization that I’d have some free time on my hands not only this week, but over the next several weeks as well, now that I know  I don’t have that “kill me” amount of homework every week. Until I remembered:

Duh. I’m a gamer. Before my first son was born I played World of Warcraft with my husband. It was a blast. We had to quit when the kids were little, but since they’re older now there’s very little stopping me. So now if you’re on Cho’Gall and you see a Night Elf Druid named Trealieph wandering around lower levels stop and say hi. I promise I won’t kill you. (Yet…)

Are any of ya’ll gamers? What are your favorites?