So now Mum’s the Nurse (Student)

So I guess these things usually start with an “About me” type of post right?

I’m a nursing student at a local technical college. At the time of writing this I’m in my second quarter (Anatomy and Physiology 2, English Composition 1, and Nursing Roles/Medical Terminology and Dosage Calculations for anyone who happens to care.)

I am also a mom to three amazing children. They are 6, 4, and 21 months old. (That’s one year and 9 months, for those who dislike math.) I also have a dog, a cat, and two recently acquired guinea pigs.

I wanted to chronicle my journey from becoming a SAHM to becoming a nurse and I thought “Hey! Why not add another task to my already full workload, and start a blog!” I know, I know. I deserve what I get with this one. However, if it helps me keep my sanity, and if it helps any other Mommies along this difficult journey toward one of the world’s most infuriating and rewarding professions then so be it.

I’m hoping to share my joys, laughs, frustrations, and triumphs with anyone who cares to read. I’m also hoping that others will join me along the way.

So, in Levar Burton style: Come along with me! (And if you’re too young to get that reference, your homework is to get to Netflix and watch at least three episodes of Reading Rainbow. You’ll only get an A if you love it like I did.)